Turning virtual games Into Real Life

Users can now set and change avatars directly from their NFT collections and experience a brand new social representation. We look forward to having more users join us to experience the brand new digital representation of one’s social identity, discover the true meaning of the digital identity in Web 3.0

Keep on reading to learn how to set up your NFT avatar and If we’ve piqued your interest in NFT avatars, virtual collectibles or just NFTs in general, you can check out the latest drops and collections on Binance NFT, the official NFT Marketplace of Binance.

What’s The Connection Between The Metaverse

Here at Binance NFT, we believe that NFT avatars will be a new starting point for the user’s path to the metaverse.

On top of making its way mainstream, NFT avatars are establishing themselves as the new starting point for a user’s path to the metaverse.

Users can now set their Binance profile picture into an NFT they own.

In this article you will learn how to obtain top NFT avatars and how you can set it up on Binance NFT.

Since each NFT avatar project is a community in and of itself, using an NFT as your profile picture can help forge online connections and a sense of belonging within those spaces.

How to Set up your Avatar And Nickname

Setting up your avatar and personalizing your nickname on Binance is quick and easy. Users can go to binance.com under Dashboard > Settings > My Profile > Avatar and Nickname. For those of you who own NFT assets, you can select the NFT you want to use from your collection as your avatar to personalize your profile. For users who do not own any NFT avatars, check out the NFT avatar collections page to get started.

Alternatively, if you’re on nft.binance.com, go to User Center > Settings > Basic > Set Avatar and Nickname, and you’ll be redirected to the main site. Binance NFT Creators have the option of setting their Avatars on nft.binance.com. Once you set your new unique nickname, it will be standardized and used across the Binance ecosystem.

NFT Avatar Generators

For those who like to DIY but don’t want to go through the whole creative process, online NFT Generators offer a fuss-free and easy way to quickly make a wide variety of new avatars using different art styles.

You can find a range of NFT marketplaces where you can buy existing NFTs or list your own NFTs for sale.

Avatar Monkeys

For those who just can’t get enough of cartoon primates and aping in, Avatar Monkeys will surely hit the spot. Check out this special collection of 100 unique monkey NFTs.


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